Native SSL support failed to pass the startup test.

If you are getting  above error then  it mean CPanel has been  updated to  the lasted version  and it also updates  the “Net::SSLeay”  version to  1.36 and that is why  you get  the error :

Native SSL support failed to pass the startup test.  stunnel was started instead.
The exact error was: [linktest=BinCheck ok
] [binary=/usr/local/cpanel/cpsrvd-ssl] [cpsrvd=Net::SSLeay object version 1.36 does not match $Net::SSLeay::VERSION 1.32.

In order to fix this follow the below steps :
1) Download the Net_SSLeay 1.30 or 1.32

[email protected][#] cd /usr/local/src
[email protected][#] wget
[email protected][#] wget

2) Then extract the tar.gz file

[email protected][#] tar -zxf


[email protected][#] tar -zxf Net-SSLeay-1.32.tar.gz

Then go to dir or Net-SSLeay-1.32

[email protected][#] cd


[email protected][#] cd Net-SSLeay-1.32/

and then execute Make file and then perform make install

[email protected][/usr/local/src]# ./Makefile.PL -t

[email protected][/usr/local/src]# make install

Now, finally you can check the installed module from WHM >> Main >> Software >> Install a Perl Module

That’s all you are done.