Starting named: named: user ‘named’ unknown

If you face the above error while starting/restarting named on a cPanel server then follow the below steps :

[email protected][#] /etc/init.d/named start
Starting named: named: user 'named' unknown [FAILED]
[email protected][#] named -u named
 named: user ‘named’ unknown

Now, follow the below steps to fix this

1>  open  the /etc/passwd  file

[email protected][#]  vi /etc/passwd
  and now add this line :

save and quit.


2> Open the /etc/group file
[email protected][#]vi /etc/group
and now  add this line
save and quit.

Now,  try to start the named service

[email protected][#] /etc/init.d/named start
Starting named:        [  OK ]

That’s all, easy isn’t it.