Multiple Shared IPs in WHM

As we all know that there is no  direct option available in cPanel/WHM  to create multiple shared IP’s and assigning dedicated IP for each domain is not feasible as it will cost you a lot of money.

So, you need to create multiple shared IP’s to  distribute 1 IP  between  many domains and here is how you can achieve this with cPanel  servers ::

Create a directory called /var/cpanel/mainips/, if it doesn’t exist

[email protected][#] mkdir -p /var/cpanel/mainips/

Then, create a file  /var/cpanel/mainips/root and add the list of IP’s that you want to share

 [email protected][#] vi /var/cpanel/mainips/root
 save and quit. 

That’s all and you can see the status of new IPs as Main/shared IP for root from WHM>>Home>>IP Functions>>Show/Edit Reserved IPs.