Install PDFlib-Lite and PDFlib on cPanel

PDFLIB is a freely available library, used for creating and manipulating files inĀ  Portable Document Format [PDF].
Using PDFLIB you can create ynamic PDF documents on your webserver.

Follow the below simple steps to install PDFlib-Lite and PDFlib ::


[email protected][~]# cd /usr/src
[email protected][~]# wget
[email protected][~]# tar -zxvf PDFlib-Lite-7.0.5p3.tar.gz
[email protected][~]# cd PDFlib-Lite-7.0.5p3
[email protected][~]# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/pdflib --without-java
[email protected][~]# make
[email protected][~]# make install


[email protected][~]# pecl install pdflib

for path to pdflib installation?
use ::


example ::

 path to pdflib installation? : /usr/local/pdflib

That’s all.