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ERROR: Could not complete request. Query: SELECT “INBOX.Sent” Reason Given: Unable to open this mailbox.

If you getting the above error while clicking on the sent items in the Webmail (Horde or SquirrelMail ) then it means that the tmp folder is missing under the .Sent folder, So just create the tmp folder under the .Sent folder and assign the ownership of cpaneluser.cpaneluser to tmp folder and just refresh the browser.

That’s all you are done.

Exim: host lookup did not complete

If you are getting the above errors in the exim_mainlog file then it means that the entries in the “/etc/resolv.conf” are incorrect, just changing them to the right ones fixed the problem.


Also check, the entry for the domain should be listed in : /etc/locadomains, if the domain MX resolves to your server.

That’s all you are done.

Qmail is not showing as running in Plesk

Many times we face this issue with  Plesk that the mailing service is not showing as running in Plesk control Panel and  showing a red mark and not getting started from  the Plesk control  panel although it is showing as running from Shell/SSH .

What might be the reason  behind this ?

Ans : One of the reason  for this is that the xinetd service was not running on  the server.

And you can  easily fix this by following the below steps :

[email protected][#] cd /usr/sbin/

[email protected][#] ./xinetd

That’s all  you  are done  easy  isn’t it.