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Passive Port Range in Proftpd

If you want to enable the Passive Port Range for Proftpd on  your server then  follow the below steps ::

open  the /etc/proftpd.conf and add the Passive Port range anywhere in between the global directive.

example ::


[email protected][#]  /etc/proftpd.conf
PassivePorts 30000 65000

Once done that restart proftpd service on  the server .

Additionally,  you have to open  the same port range “30000 65000” in  the server firewall as well.


For more information regarding this refer the URL  ::


That’s all.


There was an error sending your message: sendmail returned error code 111

If you are getting the error ::  There was an error sending your message: sendmail returned error code 111  while sending email  from webmail in Plesk then  don’t panic as this can  simply be resolved by following the below steps ::


1 >  Take complete backup of qmail  and queue folder


[email protected][#] cp -pr /var/qmail /var/qmail-ori
[email protected][#] cp -pr /var/qmail/queue /var/qmail-queuebackup

2 >  copy qmail-local , qmail-remote , qmail-queue from qmail-local.moved , qmail-remote.moved , qmail-queue.moved


[email protected][#] cd /var/qmail/bin
[email protected][#] cp -p qmail-local.moved qmail-local
[email protected][#] cp -p qmail-remote.moved qmail-remote
[email protected][#] cp -p qmail-queue.moved qmail-queue

3 >  Now kill  all  the exiting connections for qmail-remote qmail-queue qmail-local


[email protected][#] killall qmail-remote qmail-queue qmail-local

4 >  finally restart the qmail  service


[email protected][#]   /etc/init.d/qmail restart

Now,  try  to send emails from  webmail , it will work fine now.

Note :: If you lost all  the messages in  the queue after performing the above steps then just copy the queue backup taken in  the first step.