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Template Error: The template file must be given.

If you are getting the above  error while accessing your  site , it  means your  domain  entry  is missing in the “Apache  ConfigurationFile”
(httpd.conf) .

You just   need to add the  entry  for your domain  in the httpd.conf file

ex :

[email protected][#] vi  /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

DocumentRoot /home/username/public_html/
ServerAdmin [email protected]
UseCanonicalName Off
CustomLog /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ combined
CustomLog /usr/local/apache/domlogs/
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /home/username/public_html//cgi-bin/
Include “/usr/local/apache/conf/userdata/std/2/*.conf”

Note : Replace  to  your  domain.

That’s  all  this  will  do it.

Error : lowest numbered MX record points to local host.

If you are getting the above error then make the  below  changes :

[email protected][#] vi /etc/remotedomains

and remove the entry  the for the domain for which you are facing  problem.


[email protected][#] vi  /etc/localdomains

add the entry  for  the domain  here for which  you  are facing problem.


That’s all this will do it.

Warning: file() [function.file]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration

If you are getting the above error then  make the following changes  in  the php.ini file (Suexec  server) or  .htaccess file (non-Suexec server) :

[email protected][#] vi  php.ini

allow_url_fopen = On
allow_url_include = On


[email protected][#] vi  .htaccess

<IfModule mod_php5.c>
php_admin_value allow_url_fopen On
php_admin_value allow_url_include On

That’s all  this will  do it.