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cPHulk Error while connecting to MySQL

If you are getting the above error in WHM >> Main >> Security Center >> cPHulk Brute Force Protection then just execute the below command :

[email protected] [~]# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/hulkdsetup
 Duplicate column name 'SERVER'
 Duplicate column name 'ISPREFIX'


Now, just refresh that page and you will not see that error .

That’s all easy isn’t it.

horde redirect.php showing a blank page

Sometimes, when you try to login to horde webmail client and you are getting a blank page at first until you refresh your browser.
This means that the php has been upgraded to 5.3.6 or later version on that server and some of the horde webmail namespaces are not compatible with the php 5.3.6 version.

As a work around you need to edit the below two files to fix this error :

/usr/share/psa-horde/imp/lib/IMAP/Client.php line 576


function namespace($additional = array())


function plnamespace($additional = array()


/usr/share/psa-horde/imp/lib/Session.php line 295


$_SESSION[‘imp’][‘namespace’] = $imapclient->namespace($user_namespace);


$_SESSION[‘imp’][‘namespace’] = $imapclient->plnamespace($user_namespace);

Restart the httpd service on the server.

/etc/init.d/httpd restart

Now, just logout and login once again and you will be able to login to horde at the first attempt only.

cannot run C compiled programs

If you are getting the above error while installing any module using

"pecl install modulename" 

then it means that the executable permission is not set on /tmp or /var/tmp

[email protected][~]# mount | grep /tmp
 /usr/tmpDSK on /tmp type ext2 (rw,noexec,nosuid)
 /tmp on /var/tmp type none (rw,noexec,nosuid,bind)

So, in-order to complete the pecl installation just remount the /tmp and /var/tmp with executable permissions as :

[email protected][#] mount -o remount rw /tmp
[email protected][#] mount -o remount rw /var/tmp

And now just try the pecl install modulename and it will work like a charm.

example :

[email protected][#] pecl install imagick
That’s all you are done.