List all cPanel users having Wildcard Remote Mysql Access

Remote MySQL option in cPanel allows other webservers to access the MySQL database on your server remotely.

Remote MySQL option can be very handy, if  you want  to allow applications like shopping carts or guestbooks on your other servers to access the databases.

But on the contrary, if the Remote MySQL option is not handled with  care  then  it can lead to database hacks.

So, If you want to find out all cPanel users having Wildcard Access enabled then  you can  use the below simple command ::


[email protected][#]mysql -N  mysql -e "Select User from user where Host='%'" | awk  -F _ '{print $1}' | uniq

That’s all easy isn’t it.

Check Tomcat,Java,JSP And Servlet Version Online

If you  recently  installed Apache-Tomcat on your system and wants to check  the Java, JSP , Servlet and Tomcat versions then just put the below code in .jsp file ::



Apache-Tomcat Version : <%=getServletConfig().getServletContext().getServerInfo()%> <br>

Servlet Version : <%= session.getServletContext().getMajorVersion() %>.<%= session.getServletContext().getMinorVersion() %><br>

JSP Version : <%= JspFactory.getDefaultFactory().getEngineInfo().getSpecificationVersion() %><br>

Java Version : <%= System.getProperty("java.version")%><br>


And now you can access the above information online as .

Mount LVM Partition in Rescue Mode

To mount LVM  partitions in rescue mode follow the below simple steps ::

Boot the machine with Centos installation  CD and then type linux rescue at the prompt to boot into  the rescue mode and once done that you will be asked to  configure/enable network interfaces and then to mount the filesystem,  you can skip both and after skipping you will get a shell prompt. 


Scan the physical volumes using pvscan 
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