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File size limit exceeded (core dumped)

Sometimes, it happens that when you try to access your domain  in a web browser you will  get a 500 Internal Server Error and after checking all  the permissions and ownerships for all  files and folders under that domain  you will find  that everything is correct but still  getting that error in  the browser.


But when you try  to manually execute the php file from  the server using the php command as


[email protected][public_html]# php  index.php
File size limit exceeded (core dumped)

you will get  the above error and now you start thinking what on earth is that .


Reason for that ?


The reason  for that error is that one of the file probably a log file under that domain exceeds to  2 GB and  by default Apache has setting enabled, to display 500 Internal  Server Error if  in case any file under a domain exceeds 2 GB.


How to fix ?

Just either remove that file or echo that file and you are done.


Tried the above fix  but still  not working ?

In that case, I  suggest you to check  all  the apache logs files specially error_log, suphp_log, suexec_log and modsec_audit.log and if you found any log file over 2 GB then just remove/echo  that file and restart apache service and you are done. 


That’s all