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R1soft Kernel header error

While installing kernel package using the command 

/usr/bin/r1soft-setup --get-module

if you came across the  below errors :  

Unable to find a valid source directory.
Please install the kernel headers for 
your operating system.

Then don't panic  this can simply be resolved
 by running the below commands 
[email protected][#] yum install kernel-devel kernel-headers 

If you are running PAE kernel 

[email protected][#] yum install kernel-PAE-devel  

If you are running xen kernels 

[email protected][#]yum install kernel-xen-devel  
If you are running one of the beta kernels then,
 add --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
 at the end of yum command, like this: 

yum install kernel-devel --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing 

Now, just re-execute the command : 
/usr/bin/r1soft-setup --get-module

That’s all.