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Nameserver IP’s Missing in WHM?

Some time’s it happens that when you try to access the name-server IP’s fromĀ  WHM >> Main >> DNS Functions >> Nameserver IPs it either shows no IP’s or show incorrect information.

To fix the issue you need to correct the entries for the name-server’s IP in the below two files ::




2 >



Firstly, check the entries in the /etc/nameserverips file and it should show the below output ::


[email protected] [~]# cat /etc/nameserverips

And if the entries in the above files are correct then check the next file it should show the below output ::


[email protected] [~]# cat /var/cpanel/nameserverips.yaml
"": 1
count: '1'
"": 1
count: '1'

If the above entries are missing in the above file then add those as shown in the example.

That’s all.